Why Build a New Union?

Outdated Facility

  • The current space is structurally & aesthetically outdated
  • The Union has a constant need for repairs, particularly in regards to ventilation & plumbing

Lack of Space

  • Our student population has outgrown the building
    • 1970 TWU Population: 5,800
    • Current TWU Population: 15,000+
  • Student organizations & campus departments must often seek alternative locations for meetings/events due to space issues
  • Storage space is minimal
    • Not enough storage areas for media equipment, tables, chairs, & programming supplies
    • Office space has been taken offline to create additional storage space
    • Items are often stored in hallway areas
  • The dock loading area is not large enough to accommodate delivery & trash removal vehicles

New Opportunities

  • Additional services & offices could be relocated to the Union (or expanded) if additional space were available, ex:
    • Student Government Association offices
    • Student Organization space
    • ID Services
    • Commuter Services
    • Student Union Programming
    • Career Services
    • Veteran’s Resource Area
    • Quiet study space
    • Game room
  • More space could be made available to students for studying, hanging out, and dining

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