Construction on the current TWU Student Union began in 1968. The doors opened in 1970 and the Union was named for Mary Eleanor Brackenridge, the 1913 president of the Texas Woman’s Suffrage Association. The original Union held a variety of meeting rooms for student organizations, a variety of offices, a post office, and a lounge and study space for students.

Student Union Construction Timeline

  • 1970 – Current building opened & dining options moved into the Union
  • 1980 – Union added the TWU Bookstore, a travel agency, and a game room
  • 1992 – Underground dining & additional bookstore space was added
  • 2001 – Baker’s Dozen and Garden Room received new looks
  • 2001 – Purple Lobby was created as an additional programming space
  • 2001 – Outside patio areas were created
  • 2001 – Art gallery was created
  • 2003 – Game room relocated from the first floor to the Underground
  • 2004 – Underground added extra seating, food concepts, and computers
  • 2011 – US Post office closed

TWU Student Union circa 1973


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