Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will the university pay for a new union?
    • The union daily operations and structure are strictly paid for by Union fees collected each semester from students. The current fee is $38 per semester and the recommended fee is $150. The new fee structure will cover continued costs to support the Union operations on all campuses and additionally will cover the cost of construction and design for a new facility.
  • Can my tuition dollars pay for it?
    • No, the union fee is a separate fee on all state campuses. Tuition dollars, per state mandates, cannot be allocated for the Student Union.
  • Where will it be located?
    • Hubbard Hall would be renovated to become the new Student Union and the building would be extended towards Oakland Avenue. Redbud Theater would not be touched as part of this plan. Additionally, this plan nearly doubles the square footage in the current Student Union.
  • Why can’t we just renovate or expand the existing union?
    • The current Union is landlocked on campus due to its current location and expanding it is not really an option. The building is not structurally set to add an additional floor. Furthermore, the existing Student Union does not adequately accommodate the size of the current TWU student body, so renovating it without expanding it does not alleviate our space problems.
  • What services will be in the new union?
    • At this time no specific designs have been created. However, the Student Union Board and other student leaders have created a wish list, which include expanded dining and seating options, additional meeting rooms, a theatre, student organization office and work space, expanded game room and recreational areas, study space, and technology enriched areas. In addition to the new facility in Denton, additional services are being considered for both the Houston and Dallas campuses.
  • When will it be built/open?
    • After the referendum and approval from both the Board of Regents and the State of Texas, the design process can begin. We anticipate that the design process will last approximately one year and the construction process will last around 18 months. This means that the potential opening date would be Fall 2018.
  • Will this affect campus parking?
    • We understand that parking is always a concern for our student body and we will take precautions so that parking and campus flow will have the least amount of impact possible. Discussions are occurring apart from this project that will address campus parking.
  • I won’t be here when it is built. Why should I pay?
    • The fee will not go into effect until after all approvals have been obtained both at the campus and the state government levels. The soonest that the fee could possibly be implemented is the fall 2015 semester. This will be your opportunity to leave a positive legacy behind for future TWU students.
  • Will the new union be environmentally friendly?
    • Sustainability is very important to us and we plan to integrate environmentally friendly design into the new union.