On February 3-4, 2015, all TWU students will have the opportunity to vote in a campus-wide referendum for a new Student Union. Currently, the existing union is 44 years old and we are out of space!

A new union will provide larger facilities, meeting rooms, additional dining and retail options, a larger game room, and technology-enriched areas. Additionally, new services and amenities will be added to the Houston and Dallas campuses.

Join us in voting for a new U at Texas Woman’s University.

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TWU Student Union



    1. Hi Jennifer!

      If you voted to approve the construction of a new or renovated Student Union, there would be a temporary Student Union Fee increase. We’re still waiting on an exact amount that the fee would change, but it would be a very small percentage increase in comparison to your overall bill (probably close to 1 or 2%).

      Your tuition (or the amount you pay for classes) would remain the same, but your fees would increase slightly.

      If you have any additional questions, email, and we’d be more than happy to help answer them!

      -The TWU Student Union Staff

    1. Thanks for your question, Claire! There was a ‘yes’ vote that went through in fall of 2012. However, the process was put on hold by the administration prior to going to the Texas Legislature for approval. Now that we have a new Chancellor and administration, we are beginning the process again. Since the results of the vote are almost 2 years old and most of the students who voted are no longer at TWU, we need to have another campus-wide vote to determine if students still approve of building a new Union. Hope this answers your question!

  1. What exactly will be happening with the old building? It has been such a large part of the history of TWU that it seems sad to destroy it.

    1. Hi Ashley! Great question. The current Student Union would likely become a Student Services Building on campus. It could serve as a hub for offices like Student Health Services, the Counseling Center, Disability Support Services, and more. All of those offices are spread out across campus, which can make them difficult to access. We would consider consolidating all of them under one roof!

  2. Why not make better parking lots and putting off the reconstruction of the old building. The parking situation seems to be a more immediate issue, and more heard in terms of complaints as opposed to the SU. The only issue at the student union is the food. The student union is also, to my understanding, a newer building. Why does it have so many issues and why can we not focus on reconstructing/renovating our current union.

    1. Hi Isabel! Thanks for your comment. There is actually already funding set aside for the construction of a parking garage and you can expect construction to begin sometime around this summer. We agree that parking is also a huge campus priority!

      As for your comment and question about the current Student Union, there are actually many more problems than the food. We have many infrastructure issues, such as old pipes, heating/cooling, general layout problems with the rooms and kitchen/mechanical areas in the building, and it does not fit all safety/disability standards. To renovate the building, without expanding, would only solve current problems without planning for the future…including a larger student population. That’s why, for the University, it is important to look at renovating another facility right now. It would be more expensive in the long term to renovate the Union and then need to expand it into another space later to fit all of our students. Under the current plan, the existing Student Union would become a Student Services Building to bring together offices like Student Health Services, the Counseling Center, Disability Support Services, etc.

      We want to make the best decision for the University not just for the moment, but for the long term, as well. Hope this helps address your concerns!

  3. I don’t understand why we are spending money on a new building that we technically don’t need when we could spend money on things like a parking garage, which is actually needed. Parking on campus is a huge issue. I have never heard a single person not complain about trying to find parking to get to class on time, and that includes students AND professors.

    1. Hi Faatimah! Thanks for your comment. There is actually already funding set aside for the construction of a parking garage and you can expect construction to begin sometime around this summer. We agree that parking is also a huge campus priority!

  4. What is the estimated total cost to complete all the work in the reforrendum at all three campuses and what is the monetary split between Denton, Dallas and Houston campuses?

    Secondly, in Denton, who is responsible for maintaining the roads in and around campus, especially Bell St? The conditions are worse than most any areas of the Metroplex and really need to be repaved.

    Finally, in light of the tragedy of our colleague dying from being hit by a car, the safety of students should be a top priority. I would love to see a foot bridge built over Bell St and any other high-traffic (both foot and vehicle traffic) areas of Denton campus. I cannot speak for Houston but the Dallas campus does not need these as the campus is essentially one building with attached parking garage. Such a foot bridge could be a lifesaver. Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Glen! Thanks for your questions. We’ll try to address each of them separately below:

      The total estimated cost for the project at this time is 40-43 million. There is not a monetary split amongst the three campuses. History has been that fees collected are dispersed as need amongst the three campuses. When the Houston & Dallas campuses were built, the Union reserve fees were depleted to assist in those projects. If the Referendum passes, anticipated fees could possibly expand into additional staffing needs both professional & student wages, game room opportunities & equipment, additional lounge space and study areas, digital signage needs and a lactation room for Houston, and an additional car/van for student usage in Dallas. These are all possibilities, but we are not limited to only these options. Needs will be assessed and prioritized based on student feedback during the design phase of the Student Union project.

      As for the roads around campus, they are maintained by the City of Denton. There are two internal roads on campus (Administration and Chapel Drives) which are maintained by TWU Facilities Management.

      The current footbridge over Bell Avenue was closed two years ago for safety standards. Unfortunately, the railings are the top of the bridge does not meet safety height requirements and the bridge itself does not meet ADA requirements. This bridge is maintained by TWU Facilities Management and concerns about this footbridge or the construction of another should be directed to that department ( or 940.898.3131), as they can best respond to these concerns.

  5. From the video it appears yet more of our large trees will be torn out. Our trees make our campus so attractive and picturesque to prospective students and employees. In looking at the wide open space that will be called Union Plaza it appears at least one of our prize trees will be sacrificed for a large shadeless, heat-radiating concrete area.

    Wouldn’t consideration be given to build around them?

    1. Hi Leslie! Absolutely. The main reason the video doesn’t feature many trees is to highlight the building and provide a clear picture of what the renovation might look like. In actuality, trees will be a major concern and will be factored into the final design. We love the big magnolia trees in front of Hubbard, too!

    1. Our projected timeline is currently:
      -February 2016: Architect, Contractor, and Project Manager selected
      -March 2016: Design process begins
      -June 2017: Construction begins
      -January 2019: Construction complete

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