On February 3-4, 2015, all TWU students will have the opportunity to vote in a campus-wide referendum for a new Student Union. Currently, the existing union is 44 years old and we are out of space!

A new union will provide larger facilities, meeting rooms, additional dining and retail options, a larger game room, and technology-enriched areas. Additionally, new services and amenities will be added to the Houston and Dallas campuses.

Join us in voting for a new U at Texas Woman’s University.

Have questions? Click here to ask us. 

TWU Student Union


    1. Hi Jennifer!

      If you voted to approve the construction of a new or renovated Student Union, there would be a temporary Student Union Fee increase. We’re still waiting on an exact amount that the fee would change, but it would be a very small percentage increase in comparison to your overall bill (probably close to 1 or 2%).

      Your tuition (or the amount you pay for classes) would remain the same, but your fees would increase slightly.

      If you have any additional questions, email, and we’d be more than happy to help answer them!

      -The TWU Student Union Staff

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